Roy's new mayor takes aim at business growth, trimming taxes, annexation

Roy Mayor Bob Dandoy

Bob Dandoy defeated Willard Cragun, the incumbent mayor, last year and took office in Roy in early...


Cops breaking doors, and other claims against the Davis County Sheriff's Office

SW 073117 Davis County Jail Building 02

People have filed millions of dollars in legal claims against the Davis County Sheriff’s Office, but most cases have been thrown out of court. The exception is a pair of claims totaling $2,262 over some broken doors.


Incentivized development: Ogden officials say it's needed to spur development

Trackline rendering.png

After getting the blessing of Weber County and the Ogden School District, the city is on the verge of approving another tax-payer incentivized redevelopment area.


Shutdown? Terrible, say GOP, Dems. But both threatened it

Government Shutdown Blame Game

WASHINGTON (AP) — Threatening to shutter the federal government unless demands are met — who would do that? Members of both parties, it turns out. And both sides have complained loudly when the other resorted to a shutdown threat. Some of the same Republicans who claim to abhor the bare-knuckle...


Congress likely racing toward a government shutdown

Budget Battle

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bitterly divided Congress hurtled toward a government shutdown this weekend in a partisan stare-down over demands by Democrats for a solution on politically fraught legislation to protect about 700,000 younger immigrants from being deported. Democrats in the Senate have served...


The Latest: Trump says Dems want 'weak borders'


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the budget battle in Congress (all times local): 7:40 a.m. President Donald Trump says Senate Democrats are focused on “illegal immigration and weak borders” as a government shutdown looms. Trump says on Twitter Friday: “Government Funding Bill past (sic) last night...


Pence has long pushed for Trump policies on Israel

Pence Middle East

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence is making his fifth visit to Israel, returning to a region he’s visited “a million times” in his heart. An evangelical Christian with strong ties to the Holy Land, Pence this time comes packing two key policy decisions in his bags that have long been top...


Anti-smoking plan may kill cigarettes--and save Big Tobacco

Smoking Beginning of the End

WASHINGTON (AP) — Imagine if cigarettes were no longer addictive and smoking itself became almost obsolete; only a tiny segment of Americans still lit up. That’s the goal of an unprecedented anti-smoking plan being carefully fashioned by U.S. health officials. But the proposal from the Food and...


Trump steps to forefront of anti-abortion movement

Trump Abortion

WASHINGTON (AP) — He once called himself “pro-choice.” But a year into his presidency, Donald Trump is stepping to the forefront of his administration’s efforts to roll back abortion rights. And though his record is mixed and a midterm election looms, abortion opponents say they have not felt so...


Pakistan's ace in poker match with US: Afghan air routes

WASHINGTON (AP) — As bad as President Donald Trump describes U.S.-Pakistani ties today, they can get far worse. Over 16 years that included hundreds of deadly U.S. drone strikes, Osama bin Laden’s killing on Pakistani soil and accusations Pakistan helps insurgents that kill Americans, the reluctant...


MSU decreases required credit hours to cut costs for students

Following the tune of MU’s recent cost-saving initiatives, Missouri State University President Clifton Smart announced Thursday a five-point plan aimed at boosting the university’s affordability. The new initiatives are part of a statewide trend to reduce the costs of higher education amid growing...

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