'Reprehensible and racist:' Trump's remarks outrage Africans

Kenya Trump Immigration World Reactions

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Africans were shocked on Friday to find President Donald Trump had finally...


Palestinian officials vote to suspend recognition of Israel, security cooperation

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. JERUSALEM - Palestinian leaders on Monday voted to suspend recognition of Israel until it reciprocates by recognizing a Palestinian state and cease security cooperation, as the political fallout from the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as...


Are Greece's horrific conditions at 'island prisons' serving as a warning to asylum

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. MORIA, Greece - The first thing you notice is the smell: the stench from open-pit latrines mingling with the odor of thousands of unwashed bodies and the acrid tang of olive trees being burned for warmth. Then there are the sounds: Children hacking like old men. Angry...


Wallaby hops across Sydney Harbor Bridge, captured uninjured

Australia Wayward Wallaby

SYDNEY (AP) — A wayward wallaby disrupted downtown traffic by bounding across the Sydney Harbor Bridge on Tuesday with police in pursuit. The adult male was captured without any apparent serious injury and is expected to be released back into the wild within days. Swamp wallabies, which are smaller...


Melania Trump's fashion style true to her Europe roots

Trump One Year Melania Fashion

PARIS (AP) — Slovenian-born Melania Trump has been unafraid to go against her husband’s “America First” agenda and stay true to her roots, if there’s a message to be taken from her bold, foreign-flavored wardrobe in 2017. In her first year as first lady, Mrs. Trump has often wrapped herself in the...


Across the Mideast, Palestinians brace for Trump aid cuts

Palestinians Refugees

SHATI REFUGEE CAMP, Gaza Strip (AP) — Mahmoud al-Qouqa can’t imagine life without the three sacks of flour, cooking oil and other staples he receives from the United Nations every three months. Living with 25 relatives in a crowded home in this teeming Gaza Strip slum, the meager rations provided...


Lifelike robots made in Hong Kong meant to win over humans

Hong Kong Robot Designer

HONG KONG (AP) — David Hanson envisions a future in which AI-powered robots evolve to become “super-intelligent genius machines” that might help solve some of mankind’s most challenging problems. If only it were as simple as that. The Texas-born former sculptor at Walt Disney Imagineering and his...


US allies from Korean War meet on North Korean nuke threat

Canada South Korea

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Secretary of State Rex Tillerson huddles Tuesday with nations that fought on America’s side in the Korean War, looking to tighten the economic noose around North Korea over its nuclear weapons even as hopes rise for diplomacy. The 20-nation gathering on Canada’s...


France's Macron is forced to defend his migrant policy in wake of crackdowns

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. CALAIS, France - In some respects, this is the first crisis of a young presidency otherwise defined by tweetable speeches and global interventions. When Emmanuel Macron won the French election last year, he campaigned on a platform of welcoming migrants. Many saw his...


Glowing red lava causes more to flee from Philippine volcano

Philippines Volcano

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Glowing-red lava spurted in a fountain and flowed down the Philippines’ most active volcano on Tuesday in a stunning display of its fury that has sent more than 34,000 villagers fleeing to safety and prompted police to set up checkpoints to stop tourists from getting too...


Orange is the new blue: Why India wants to color-code its passports

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. NEW DELHI - In India, the rich and poor inhabit vastly different worlds. Now, many fear, new government rules will deepen that divide with different-colored passports. On Friday, India’s Foreign Ministry issued new rules saying that citizens who require emigration...

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